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Ultrasound Machine Repairing

The Ultrasound Machine Repairing services offered by us are appreciated by one and all for promptness as well as transparency. No compromise is done with the quality while providing Ultrasound Machine Repairing services to the customers. Each and every part is inspected with great care so as to provide a permanent solution for the same. Furthermore, the client's convenience is kept at foremost position and therefore Ultrasound Machine Repairing services are provided at nominal prices and that too within the prescribed time period. Also, we are one f the renowned Ultrasound Machine Repairing Service Providers in the domain.

We Provide Repairing Services For :

Ultrasound Keyboard Repairing

One can get a feel of new Ultrasound Keyboard without changing whole key board assembly. We offer Ultrasound Keyboard Repairing services that are aimed to repairs & replace the defective keys from the key board thus making it more efficient in performance.

Ultrasound Colour Droppler Scanner Repairing

We offer Ultrasound Colour Droppler Scanner cost effective component level & board level Repairing services that are aimed at saving a round 70% of costs that you would have spent on buying new boards and spares . We provide quick services for TGC controls, Probe connector board, Gain knobe controls, LV & HV Power supply, Touch panel & LCD, Monitors, etc.

Ultrasound Track Ball Repairing

The proper movement of the track ball will help you work in a smooth manner. We provide Ultrasound Track Ball Repairing service in the case the track ball is unable to move the cursor in the desired direction.

Ultrasound Entire System Repairing

While rendering Ultrasound Entire System Repairing services, we consider various factors like Software Malfunctioning , missing applications (image options, etc.), improper working of devices (printers,CD/ DVD drives, dicom, etc.), decreasing Image clarity, Disk boot failure, and many others. Besides, we are capable of rectify the problems of Hard Drive electro-Mechanical Failure occure due to lighting , Climate changing cause or Voltage fluctuations in a very short time span. The technical personnel in the company keeps a detailed record related to software and hardware and will mend up your entire Ultrasound system without any loss of previous data and preference settings.

Ultrasound Transducer Repairing

   Before     After  

We save the expenses of the customers on buying a new Ultrasound Transducer by offering Ultrasound Transducer Repairing services. Each and every aspect from crystal damage, cracks on the casing, wetting of crystal elements, electrical leakage and others are considered while repairing Ultrasound Transducer effectively.

Ultrasound Transducer Cable Repairing

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The experts keenly examine the amount of damage in Ultrasound Transducer Cable and then initialize the process of repairing it. Besides, the cable is returned after proper reparing and testing it on various parameters.