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Ultrasound Machine Refurbishing

Refurbishing services offered by us helps in further enhancing the life of Ultrasound Machine. Besides, it saves 40-60% cost over new equipment. After the Ultrasound Machines are brought to the service center, these are disassembled to blow off all the dust from entire circuit boards &interior and change defective parts . Cleaning will be done for all the exterior surfaces, peripherals, monitors, foot switches and other accessories. Exterior surface will also be painted if required. After completion of refurbishing, the system is verified on various parameters like power supply voltages, functional error logs, video output, monitor alignment, and working of TGC, track ball, touch panel &keys. Furthermore, Doppler and 2D phantom is used for axial resolution and focusing testing. At last all the parts and accessories are properly packed in safe wooden box for their safe delivery to the customers.

Our experienced application engineers record every refurbished machine's entire system software ( os datas) to our inventory ,so that we can support our customers to recover their system's exact soul from any booting failure circumstances which happens in future.

Monitor Refurbishing

We provide Monitor Refurbishing services to extend the life time of the old Monitors and giving them a brand new look. Besides, a great amount of improvement will be noticed in the functioning of Monitors after their Refurbishing.

Internal Board Refurbishing

   Before     After  

A special care is required for the efficient performance of the Internal Board. Therefore, we render Internal Board Refurbishing services to do away with all the defects and dust from the Internal Board of your system.